Who doesn't love a great makeover? Businesses and diners certainly love ours.

We can create a sales mix of signature food and beverage menu items and specify their operational requirements.

In doing so, Restaurant Strategies Restaurant Consultants create market advantage - through menu development, menu makeover, menu engineering, menu presentation, recipe development, food cost analyses, portion control, purveyors audit, purchasing specifications, recruitment of culinary talent, overall creative direction, public relations. and branding.

Whether you’re planning a new startup menu or a menu makeover, Restaurant Strategies are the experts to best position your business model to generate excitement, value, guest-client retention, growth, operational efficiency and immediate improved profitability.

Upon agreement of the scope of work, a personalized proposal for Culinary Consulting or Menu Makeover will be customized to achieve the unique goals of each client.

Work can occur in the following areas:

  • Menu Engineering
  • Menu Writing, Language, Format and Creative Presentation
  • Competitive Shopping
  • Research and Development
  • Recipe Development
  • Menu Testing
  • Specification of Operational Requirements
  • Equipment Specification
  • Kitchen Design
  • Recipe Translation into Commercial Execution
  • Confirm Portions Sizes
  • Batch and Plate Costing
  • Suggested Menu Pricing
  • Hypothetical Food Cost
  • Ingredients List
  • Food Glossary
  • Recipe by Metric or US Units of Measure
  • Retail Product Line: Retail Item
  • Pricing/Packaging
  • Environment Sustainability Analysis with Recommendations
  • Recruitment of the Culinary Team
  • Training of the Culinary Team
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing

Restaurant Strategies will assist the client to identify, negotiate and secure the appropriate culinary talent, food publicist, food writer, kitchen design firm, creative direction and management talent.

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